Giant Snail Race

Ready steady go…….. and there off…..
A night at the races SL style……Dog racing? Nope ...Horse racing? Ermmmmmm nope
Only in the world of SL you can go and watch giant snails. Yep yep you read it right, I will say it again in cause you miss heard me Giant Snail Racing. Muscle and I was introduced to the crazy racing on SL TV. Watch it for a bit while flicking channels. Muscle surprised me by taking me to watch the races while it happened. Two words can totally describe it Total Carnage. Chaos in the making, your eyes all over the shot as you pick the colour snail you choose to win. Its crazy to watch and funny . Its one of them must see to believe it. The snails are avatars changed in to snails. Its very funny to watch but has lag issues . The sim crashed while we was there, really its is chaos you have to listen to the voice feed to find out what is going on.When you sit on the bench , this is the colour of the snail you want to win. The bench follows the race for you it helps you keep up.See for your self, you will roll on floor laughing .

Muscle and Zena wait for the race to start

Zena & Mucle trying to follow the race

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